Sunday, January 5, 2014

Soap Snowmen

January Family Crafts – DIY Soap Snowman

Soap Snowman Craft
Today my tot and I were coming up with lots of fun family crafts we could do together with a Winter seasonal theme! Here is our first, The Soap Snowman! He is very simple to make and it is a really great sensory craft.
What You Need: 
  • 1 Bar Ivory Soap
  • Cheese Grater
  • 1/4 Cup of Water
What you use to decorate the snowman is up to you. We chose to decorate the snowman’s eyes and buttons with coffee grounds because coffee is actually very good for your skin! So is chocolate, which is why his mouth is made from little tiny chocolate beads. The Q-Tips are my son’s idea because we always clean our ears after bathtime (clever!). The nose is the only piece that doesn’t go with the bathtime scheme as it is a corner of a Cheezit my son was eating. There aren’t many things in our bathroom that are orange!
Tools for Soap Snowmen Craft
How to Make the Snowman:
  1. Grate the Ivory bar soap into a bowl.
  2. Using a fork, slowly stir in the water while keeping the consistency. You want to try and keep the curls.
  3. Shape the softened soap into balls, large / med / small, like a Snowman.
  4. Using fun things around your home, decorate your snowman!
grated soap curls
The craft is wonderful in January when it is too cold to go outside and if you don’t have any snow, it’s fun to make your own! It is also a very ‘clean’ craft. Once you are finished, your kids can wash their hands or take the snowman into the tub for more fun! The perfect idea if you have kids that don’t like taking baths.

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