Time Capsule

I hope you like the New Edition to my blog... "TIME CAPSULE" offers my reader's a step back int he past. Time capsule's are place with the intention that they will be opened or accessed at a future date. Today my blog is opening a time capsules for all my viewers.

What would you add to your time capsules from your past? It could be a book, music, toy, fashion or anything that meant something to your past. Message me at Facebook or Email: familygoround@gmail.com. Send us a photo of something from your past and why you would add this to your time capsule.


Did you have a floor TV in your house as a kid?

This picture took it back.

Send us more pictures to add to our Time Capsule at familygoround@gmail.com

80's Cereal

Had to take it back for a moment.

If you can think of more cereal's in the 80's. Email us at familygoround@gmail.com.

McDonald's Toys-Nothing are like the 80's and 90's Happy Meal Toy's.
Had to take it back for a second. 






And we can't forget the Collector's Glasses..




If you remember any McDonald Toys/Glasses or something cool from McDonald's from the past that I missed. Please email us at familygoround@gmail.com or message us at facebook so we can add it...

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